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Core Staff

DHC is built on the skills, enthusiasm, experience and innovation of its staff. DHC can draw on an extensive network of specialists from psychologists to engineers who haave worked with us on projects over the last 14 years. This page contains a short profile of staff who regularly work on DHC projects.

Derek Halden

Derek Halden.

Derek Halden established DHC in 1996. Derek has experience of shaping many aspects of modern civic society from positions within consultancy, local government, central government and research. Derek is best known for his work "Making the Connections" using a focus on the needs of people and businesses to plan better accessibility. His work covers all aspects of place making, investing in people, and improving the connections between people and places through transport and communications.

Email: Telephone: +44(0)131 524 9610.

Peter Mogridge

Peter Mogridge.

Peter Mogridge joined DHC from Northumberland County Council. He is a specialist on rural transport development and has been a frequent conference speaker. He has advised councils across the UK on rural transport partnership delivery and community rail partnerships. He also has 10 years experience as a software engineer.

Email: Telephone: +44(0)131 524 9610.

Martin Fleming

Martin Fleming.

Martin Fleming has worked with DHC since 2005. He is an experienced economist and market researcher and has worked on socio-economic analysis and appraisal projects. Martin has extensive experience as a senior manager in the utility industry and specialises in change management.

Email: Telephone: +44(0)131 524 9610.

Pawel Bugajski

Pawel Bugajski.

Pawel Bugajski is a graduate of Napier University having studied transport planning. He has a background in database analysis and logistics and his university dissertation was in the use of social media for travel behaviour change.

Email: Telephone: +44(0)131 524 9610.

Peter George

Peter George.

Peter George is DHC's computing and software expert. He has been working for DHC over the past 3 years specialising in the development of web-based server applications and interfaces.

Email: Telephone: +44(0)131 524 9610.

Freelance Specialists

Our core staff are supported by a wider range of other staff who have expertise in areas such as data and research, computing, economics, network management, psychology, engineering and design, and modelling. They contribute to projects when required.

We are always pleased to hear from people who would be prepared to work on DHC projects.

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